About Us

herbstore&herbalist is  driven by unwavering love for nature and plants and our commitment to the pursuit of a naturally healthy life. Our story began in 2019, in Dublin where Laura was successfully selling Tulsi and other plants with a vision to share the power of herbs.

We have since moved and have grown to become a Herbal Medicine Practice. Through years of education and experience we have learnt the importance of herbal product quality, purity, correct dosage and qualified supervision when using herbs therapeutically.

In our Dispensary & Shop we stock a selection, curated by practicing Herbalist and Naturopath, of high quality herbal products and supplements.  Each product we use in our clinical practice has been meticulously sourced  from trusted EU and UK manufacturers, that undergo quality assessment processes and ensures purity and quality. 

Our commitment to healthy life extends to continuous learning and research and developing safe and effective individualized protocols. We invite you to schedule a Consultation with Herbalist and Naturopath Laura Grigaliute. Through this bespoke service, we delve deep into your unique health situation, crafting tailored naturopathic protocols and formulating bespoke herbal remedies.

We understand that each individual is unique, and we strive to offer personalized recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for natural, complementary or alternative support our Qualified and Registered Herbalist is here to assist you every step of the way. We check for contraindications, interactions and recommend optimal dosage. 

With our dedication to quality, knowledge and herbal safety we aim to be your go-to destination for your herbal needs. 

About Laura 

Herbalist & Naturopath Laura Grigaliute

Laura's journey into the world of Herbalism began with her studies in herbal medicine and naturopathy and her Qualification as a Herbalist and Naturopath. But her interest for natural health and herbs goes way beyond textbooks and diplomas. She has a lifelong interest in herbalism, natural health and plants and has experienced the incredible healing power of nature firsthand. 

With love and dedication, Laura weaves her knowledge and experience into herbstore&herbalist and brings forth a curated selection of nature's treasures and a dream to share the power of herbs with her community.

Laura's passion and genuine care shine through in every interaction, whether she is selling herbal products at the market or working with people during a consultation., or visiting her patients in hospital care. 

Laura is a member of Irish Register of Herbalists and takes part in continuous professional development.

Consultations with Laura are available by appointment in Avoca, County Wicklow.