Herbal Medicine & Naturopathy

Is alternative and complementary therapy to other regulated forms of healthcare, practiced by non-medical professionals.

Our practice is based just a few miles outside Avoca town in County Wicklow, surrounded by beautiful views and our growing medicinal plant garden. The plants are a source of delight and education. 


Is a comprehensive review of your health history, symptoms and concerns, lifestyle and diet, and utilizes therapeutic assessment methods like iridology, tongue and pulse analysis, and constitution assessment. When appropriate we employ laboratory testing which is non-invasive and the samples are taken and sent to laboratory by the patients themselves from the comfort of their own home. We work with BTSIreland. Laboratory testing can help identify body systems' function and hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, gut health and immune function markers.


During your consultation, we will take the time to listen to your health history, symptoms, and health concerns. 

We will ask you detailed questions about your current health status, any existing medical conditions, and any medications or supplements you are currently taking.  It is important for us to have a complete picture of your health to ensure that our recommendations are safe.  We will ask questions about all body systems and their function, This information will help us gain a deeper understanding of your unique situation.

Based on the information you provide, we will then carefully select and recommend the most appropriate herbal remedies for your specific needs and any additional recommended care. We will explain the benefits and potential risks of each herbal remedy, as well as any potential interactions with your current medications.

We will also provide you with detailed instructions on how to use the herbal remedies, including dosage recommendations and any necessary precautions. We will guide you on the best practices for incorporating these remedies into your daily routine to maximize their effectiveness.

Throughout the consultation, we encourage you to ask questions and share any concerns you may have. 

After the consultation, we will follow up with you to ensure that the herbal remedies are working well for you and to address any additional questions or concerns that may arise. We will continue to provide ongoing support throughout your herbal journey with us.

To Schedule Your Consultation, email at info@herbstoreandherbalist.com or call us at 0877908596 

Herbal therapy

The principle of herbal therapy is to return the body to balance, the state of homeostasis, where innate self-healing can take place. Herbal therapy helps support, stimulate, calm or improve digestion, absorption and elimination, detoxification, circulation and immune function, it also supports sleep and stress management. Herbal formula can address multiple factors all at once.

Together with other naturopathic therapies, such as e.g. nutrition, hydrotherapy and exercise it is aimed to provide a tailored approach for your unique health needs. 

We put emphasis on bio-individuality and constitution when selecting herbs. Dosage and duration of herbal therapy will depend on individual case.  

During the period of herbal treatment we ask you to inform us if there have been any changes to the information you provided on your visit. 

Herbal therapy can complement and support other therapies as well, such as nutrition or conventional therapies. Please remember that herbs can also interact with other medicines and supplements, therefore it is important  that you keep us and other health care providers informed of any medicines, supplements or herbs you are taking. 


Pricing Schedule

Initial consultation / New clients (allow 90 minutes) €70
Follow up Consultation / Existing clients  (45 minutes) €40
Personalized Herbal formula 300 ml (20 days to 1 month supply) €35
Repeat Formula 300 ml + €5 dispensing fee (in no follow up takes place)  €40

To Schedule Your Consultation, email at info@herbstoreandherbalist.com or call us at 0877908596 

Herbs in Our Dispensary

Primarily we work with Western Herbs and we also use Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs to support our clinical practice. They are whole plant extracts and contain alcohol.  Herbal tinctures and fluid extracts are easily and quickly absorbed into the body, allowing you to reap the benefits of their properties. Typically adult dosage is a teaspoon 3 times daily in a little water, making them very convenient and long lasting remedies, as they are perfectly preserved in alcohol. 

For those who prefer or take no alcohol we offer herbal teas and their blends. The dosage is higher than that of tinctures - requiring 3 cups a day of strong enough infusion or decoction to achieve therapeutic effect. 

And finally we offer practitioner grade herbal supplements in capsule, tablet or powder form, which we can order and send directly to you from practitioner supplies. 

In some cases we may also prescribe topical herbal preparations and nutritional supplements to support healing.

Everything we prescribe we source for you, you will not have to find your own herbs or supplements.