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We have put together some synergistic combinations of herbs and supplements.

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Ready to explore natural ways to take care of yourself and your family?

Our Herbal Medicine Practice is fully operational in Avoca, Simply book an appointment and visit us!

  • Initial consultation €70
  • Herbal Formula 300 ml (20 days to 1 month supply) €35
  • Follow up visit €40
Herbal Medicine Consultation

An Inside Look into Our Dispensary

In our clinical practice, we primarily utilize Western Herbs, but we also integrate the use of Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs.


The Wonders of Herbalism

The practice of Herbalism spans across centuries and cultures, making it one of the oldest forms of medicine.

Herbal Medicine is rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science has shed light on the intricate chemistry behind the healing properties of plants.

80% of world's population rely on it for their basic healthcare needs.

Experience the Joy of Nurturing Medicinal Plants in Your Own Oasis.

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